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About ROGI


Redland Organic Growers Inc (ROGI) is a not-for-profit community group, based in the Redland City area, set up to promote organic growing through education and community outreach. The group consists of members who are passionate about organic gardening and sharing of our local knowledge.  

Our objectives are:

1. to promote the understanding of the health and environment benefits of organic gardening;
2.  to provide opportunities to share skill and knowledge in organic gardening through              interaction with invited speakers and members; 
3.  to establish a local seed bank for the benefit of members to access non hybridised and heirloom varieties of seed;
4.  and to foster public interest in organic gardening.

ROGI aims to achieve its objectives through the following main activities:

  •   Monthly Meetings
  •   Garden Visits
  •   Field Trips
  •   Workshops
  •   Monthly Newsletter
  •   Library
  •   Information Sheets 



ROGI Constitution