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Please note this schedule is provided to assist members in locating products or services that may be of use - ROGI does not endorse any of the suppliers, products or services listed. If your favourite supplier is not listed, please send an email to with the relevant details.

ROGI Members:

ROGI Members offering gardening related goods and services.

  • Linda Brennan - Ecobotanica
    • Garden consultations; Organic gardening classes
    • Linda provides ROGI with expert tuition at our Seed Savers Group meetings
    • Location - Capalaba
    • Contact - 0416 157 470
    • Website -
  • Rohanne Young - The Delectable Garden
    • Biodynamic gardening workshops: entry level and advanced. Classes in making Biodynamic preparations
    • Garden consultations and garden energy readings
    • Location - Thornlands
    • Contact - 0418 983 203
    • Website -
  • Pal Juvancz - PC Pals
    • Computer Sales & Service; New PCs; Virus Removal; Upgrades; General Troubleshooting
    • Pal provides ROGI with complimentary technical advice and assistance with IT (including this website) and audio visual related issues
    • Location - Redlands
    • Contact - 0437 734 565 
    • Website -


Not-for-profit organisations involved in activities aligned to ROGI’s objectives. 

  • Oaklands Street Community Garden
    • A community garden is a piece of land gardened by a group of volunteers who form a community. Oaklands Street Community Garden at Alexandra Hills was opened in 2006. We use simple organic methods in shared beds tended by our volunteers.
    • Meetings – All meetings are open to anyone and are held on the last Thursday of every month. Please enquire if you wish to attend.
    • Contact – Terry Sullavan (ROGI Member) 0408 259 445
  • Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. (BOGI)
    • Meeting Venue – Albion Peace Hall, 102 Macdonald Road, Windsor
    • Website -
  • Logan Food Gardeners Inc.
  • Queensland Herb Society
  • Australian City Farms & Gardens Network
    • A community-based organisation linking people interested in city farming and community gardening across Australia.
    • Website -
  • Sustainable Gardening Australia
    • Inspire, empower and connect individuals, communities and organisations to garden sustainably in order to: protect and enhance the natural environment to ensure its sustainability; and provide information, education and conduct of research about the impacts of gardening on the natural environment, soil conservation, water quality, biodiversity and ecologically sustainable development
    • Free Monthly Newsletter 
    • Website –
  • Sub-Tropical Fruit Club of Qld Inc.
  • Centre for Organic Research & Education (CORE)
    • A not-for-profit industry association whose mission is to enhance the beneficial re-use and upcycling of recovered resources in the circular economy. CORE plays a lead role in shaping the future of resource recovery through collaboration, advocacy, research and education, and at the same time serving as a technology and knowledge platform. 
    • Website -
  • Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA)
    • AORA works with stakeholders to facilitate the conditions through which surplus organic material can be sustainably and cost-effectively recycled; and to promote the beneficial use of compost, soil conditioners and mulches in primary industries.
    • Website -
  • Healthy Soils Australia
    • A network of leading innovative farmers, scientists and advocates who want to increase the amount of land in Australia, and globally, being transitioned to regenerative farming. We are catalysts who work with others to provide soil related solutions to address their priorities and outcomes.
    • Website -

Reference and Publications:

Websites providing information that maybe of interest to members.  

    • A group of self-funded volunteers who are motivated by concerns about what is happening to our food. Information available – information for the public on Genetically Modified and wider food issues.
    • Website –
  • Organic Gardener
    • The ABC’s Organic Gardener magazine presents practical features and photography on all aspects of organic gardening and living. It sticks to the principles of chemical-free gardening, which supports and works together with nature. The magazine explores eco-living issues such as organic food, renewable energy, permaculture, organic farmers’ markets, environmentally friendly home products, and eco-travel.
    • Website -
  • Jerry Coleby-Williams
  • Annette McFarlane
  • Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT)
    • A leader in educating policy makers and the public about genetically modified (GM) foods and crops. We investigate and report their risks and impact on health, environment, the economy, and agriculture, as well as the problems associated with current research, regulation, corporate practices, and reporting.
    • Website - Note – This is an American organisation


For profit organisations offering gardening related goods and services.

  • My Food Garden
    • Educational workshops, mentoring and urban agriculture consulting on large urban food growing projects
    • Location – Country Queensland
    • Website -
  • Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm
    • Herb plants; salvias; organic fertiliser; organic pest control; tools; dried herbs and spices; herbal blend teas; soaps; essential oils
    • Website -
  • Green Living Australia
    • Provides pure cultures, equipment and education for conscious foodies to fill their dietary requirements and gourmet food cravings and to make all natural body products that are chemical free and sustainable. Help to produce your own artisan cheeses, from chevre and cream fraiche to feta and camembert, and boutique lacto-ferments, such as kimchi, sauerkraut, natural pickles, kefir, yoghurt and kombucha. Support people in learning the skills needed to take back control of their diets and help develop their confidence to bring back the crafts of home cheese making and home preserving.
    • Website -
  • Eden Seeds & Select Organic
    • Seeds that are old traditional open pollinated non-hybrid varieties and have no chemical treatment, and no genetic engineering and books
    • Website -
  • Zabel Beekeeping Australia Pty Ltd
    • Colonies of stingless bees and honey bees, empty boxes, books, and honey
    • Staghorn and Elkhorn
    • Presenter at various clubs
    • Location - South East Queensland (can freight products to other parts of Australia)
    • Website -
  • Shipards Herb Farm
  • Oakridge Nursery
    • Specialising in exotic and common fruit and nut trees, palms and cycads
    • It is an eco-friendly environment with only organic fertiliser and sprays used
    • Location - Burbank
    • Website -
  • Bokashi Composting Australia
  • ECO Organic Garden – The Organic Experts
    • Books, Fertilisers, Garden Accessories, Pest & Disease Control
    • Seeds, Soil Improvers, Water Saving Help, Weed killers
    • Website -
  • Milkwood
    • Dedicated to teaching and sharing permaculture skills, for living like it matters. Online, in-person, in print…whatever form it takes to get you inspired and making a better world, we want to help you learn
    • Free Newsletter - Milkwood News
    • Website -
  • Cyber Fresh
    • Fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, eggs, bakery, and deli goods
    • Catering for local, international and gourmet tastes, plus, for the vegetarian or healthy food lover
    • Order online and get delivered to home
  • Basilea Living Herbs & Edible Flowers
    • An urban farm and wholesale plant nursery in Burpengary growing spray-free, sun-hardy, culinary herbs, gourmet greens, seedlings, and handpicked edible flowers for Brisbane and the Moreton Bay region.
    • Website -
  • Fresh Paper
    • A simple way to help food stay fresh for longer. Just put one of the 11cm x 14cm sheets into the fridge crisper, salad bag, berry carton or fruit bowl. The sheet is infused with organic spices that inhibit bacterial and fungal growth as well as enzymes that cause over-ripening. Each sheet works for about a month. Over 5 million tonnes of food goes to landfill every year in Australia, according to OzHarvest. This invention is good for your conscience and your hip pocket too.
    • Website -
  • Timbara Nursery
    • An award winning family-owned garden nursery located in Thornlands in the Redlands. Shop for a wide selection of plants, pots, garden supplies and gifts. 
    • Location - 111 Boundary Road, Thornlands Qld 4164
    • Website -

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