Please note that this schedule is provided to assist members to locate products or services that may be of use and that ROGI is not endorsing any of the suppliers or products or services listed.   If your favourite supplier is not listed, please send an email to with relevant details.

ROGI Members:

ROGI Members offering gardening related goods and services.   If you are a ROGI Member and provide gardening related products or services on a commercial basis and would like to be listed here, please send details to

  • ROGI Member – Linda Brennan
    • Goods & Services – garden consultations; and organic gardening classes
    • Location – Capalaba
    • Website -
  • ROGI Member - Chris McIvor
    • Rainbow Garden Design and Maintenance
    • Goods & Services - garden consultations, makeovers, pruning, and light maintenance
    • Contact - 0448 481 954


Not for profit organisations involved in activities aligned to ROGI’s objectives. 

  • Brisbane Organic Growers Inc.
    • Meeting Venue – Albion Peace Hall, 102 Macdonald Road, Windsor
    • Website -
  • Logan Food Gardeners Inc.
  • Australian City Farms & Gardens Network
    • A community-based organisation linking people interested in city farming and community gardening across Australia.
    • Website -
  • Queensland Herb Society

Reference and Publications:

Websites providing information that maybe of interest to members.  

    • About - a group of self-funded volunteers who are motivated by concerns about what is happening to our food. Information available – information for the public on Genetically Modified and wider food issues.
    • Website –
  • Organic Gardener
    • About - The ABC’s Organic Gardener magazine presents practical features and photography on all aspects of organic gardening and living. It sticks to the principles of chemical-free gardening, which supports and works together with nature. The magazine explores eco-living issues such as organic food, renewable energy, permaculture, organic farmers’ markets, environmentally friendly home products, and eco-travel.
    • Website -
  • Jerry Coleby-Williams
  • Annette McFarlane
  • Butterfly Host Plants
    • About – Native Australian plants to attract butterflies to your garden, be it your back garden, inspirational gardens, school gardens or sensory gardens, anywhere that butterflies can enhance lives and have a chance at touching the hearts of people, young and old.
    • Website -


For profit organisations offering gardening related goods and services.

  • Green Harvest
    • Goods & Services – organic seeds; edible plants; pest control; books; sprouts and microgreens; tools and fertiliser; and poultry supplies
    • Location - Sunshine Coast Hinterland
    • Website -
  • My Food Garden
    • Goods & Services - educational workshops, mentoring and urban agriculture consulting on large urban food growing projects
    • Location – Country Queensland
    • Website -
  • Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm
    • Goods & Services – herb plants; salvias; organic fertiliser; organic pest control; tools; dried herbs and spices; herbal blend teas; soaps; essential oils
    • Website -
  • Green Living Australia
    • Goods & Services – provides pure cultures, equipment and education for conscious foodies to fill their dietary requirements and gourmet food cravings and to make all natural body products that are chemical free and sustainable. Help to produce your own artisan cheeses, from chevre and cream fraiche to feta and camembert, and boutique lacto-ferments, such as kimchi, sauerkraut, natural pickles, kefir, yoghurt and kombucha. Support people in learning the skills needed to take back control of their diets and help develop their confidence to bring back the crafts of home cheese making and home preserving.
    • Website -
  • Eden Seeds & Select Organic
    • Goods & Services – seeds that are old traditional open pollinated non-hybrid varieties and have no chemical treatment, and no genetic engineering and books
    • Website -


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